The Weird Company Ecommerce Agency

Growth Marketing Consultation (Only Reside in the U.S.)

Regular price $6,500.00

Increase Your Revenue & Grow Your Business

There's no need to hire a growth marketer. Train yourself instead.

Money-back guarantee! 

We are a team that have proven successful to increase company revenue and sales channels.  

  • Analysis of the current internal situation
  • Analysis of the current online situation
  • Strategy development
  • Creative development
  • Tools research & development
  • Meet the team
  • Build up team
  • Shopify / Bigcommerce consultation
  • Team training: Digital marketing best practices focus
  • Company Strategy implementation
  • Real-time Measurement and Reporting
  • Monthly (We will work together for 3 months. After three months, we will follow up the results next 3 months more with free)
  • Repeat!

Weird Academy / Training

Drive Results

We deliver actionable training programs focused on improving awareness, leads, and sales.

  • Digital marketing strategy masterclass
  • Online customer acquisition
  • Social media and content marketing
  • Email marketing automation
  • Search marketing Conversion optimization
  • Google Analytics

We understand how simple changes can make a huge difference in online marketing strategies. We will develop your team in the most hands-on approach possible, to implement strategies that will position your company as industry leaders. 

We can travel wherever you're located in the U.S. The travel cost will belong to you.