Why The Weird Company?

We’re a subscription-based digital marketing agency passionate about helping businesses like yours grow and flourish.

Our expertise area is luxury and life style brands. The Weird Company team knows how to act for luxury and life style brands to exposure their brand awareness and turn revenue growth. 

You will work with us with subscription-based pricing:  

With subscription based marketing services from the The Weird Company, you get all the benefits of having full-time online marketing professional and web developers for a fraction of the cost. 

A question to Ask When Selecting an eCommerce Marketing Agency:
How is your pricing structured?

Other Agencies:
“We charge by the hour.”

With this model, you may have a very hard time knowing if you are going to hit your budget targets. If an agency is using an hourly rate to quote your projects, dig deep to understand how many hours things will take, and what they will do to ensure they are good stewards of your budget. But you can't control their flow.

The Weird Company;

Instead of calculating solely on hours spent, we use factors like how much additional profit you will make because of our work. 

We created the "value-based pricing" strategy for our clients which means that our rates are based on how much our work is worth to the customer, not how long it took us to complete an assignment. Instead of calculating solely on hours spent, we use factors like how much additional profit they will make because of your work.

  • ScalabilityEvery stage of growth requires a different approach to e-commerce marketing. That’s why our plans are designed to scale with you, with upgrades and pricing strategies available for every step of your business journey. 
  • Proof: Our clients aren’t paying for our time. They’re paying for our results.
  • PartnershipA subscription model fosters the loyalty, trust, and unique business acumen for a long-term relationship.