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The Weird Company Ecommerce Agency

Growth Marketing Consultation (Only Reside in the U.S.)

Regular price $6,500.00

Increase Your Revenue & Grow Your Business

There's no need to hire a growth marketer. Train yourself instead.

Money-back guarantee! 

We are a team that have proven successful to increase company revenue and sales channels.  

  • Analysis of the current internal situation
  • Analysis of the current online situation
  • Strategy development
  • Creative development
  • Tools research & development
  • Meet the team
  • Build up team
  • Shopify / Bigcommerce consultation
  • Team training: Digital marketing best practices focus
  • Company Strategy implementation
  • Real-time Measurement and Reporting
  • Monthly (We will work together for 3 months. After three months, we will follow up the results next 3 months more with free)
  • Repeat!

Weird Academy / Training

Drive Results

We deliver actionable training programs focused on improving awareness, leads, and sales.

  • Digital marketing strategy masterclass
  • Online customer acquisition
  • Social media and content marketing
  • Email marketing automation
  • Search marketing Conversion optimization
  • Google Analytics

We understand how simple changes can make a huge difference in online marketing strategies. We will develop your team in the most hands-on approach possible, to implement strategies that will position your company as industry leaders. 

We can travel wherever you're located in the U.S. The travel cost will belong to you.

 All packages and prices can be optimized according to your business. Contact Us