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" The Weird Company is a subscription-based eCommerce agency passionate about helping businesses grow. We’ve assembled 3 customizable plans with only the proven, most essential elements of a profitable internet business. "

We start to create packaging for our customers. 


Every package has their KPIs and our customers know what we will succeed for them. It is great to manage the expectations of both sides. 

When we do bring on a new client, we can elevate the conversation to talk about their overall business goals – not just the goals of a specific project. And, because we're well-staffed, our client gets a dedicated team that really knows your client’s business and can deliver better results, keeping clients happy and loyal for the long-haul.

Why Our Clients Love Subscription-Based Pricing Model

Institutional Knowledge: A subscription gives your agency the ability to form long term relationships with your clients.  You get to know their business and their ideal buyer inside-out, so when the time comes to execute a new campaign, you can skip the introduction call and get right to business producing better results for your client.

Big Picture Ideas: Because we’re working together long-term, the focus becomes less about the net results of a single campaign, and more about moving the client’s business forward.

Agility: If something’s not working, we can adjust the strategy to get the win for the client.  So, when SEO doesn’t seem to be paying off, you can move efforts to content marketing for a time to get the ultimate ROI for the client.

Cash Flow: Instead of shelling out a lump sum for a one-off project, our clients have a steady, predictable monthly fee.  This also means that they’ve budgeted to spend on marketing every month, making marketing a core function for their business rather than a one-off project.

Less Work for a Better Product: Switching anything is tough, whether it’s your mobile data plan or your sales and marketing software.  But switching from agency to agency can be especially excruciating for clients. It takes time for you to understand your client’s goals, their culture, their ideal buyer – it takes time to build a good working relationship.  Clients win when they can stick with one agency and get a dedicated staff for their account.

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