Why eCommerce Businesses Fail

We work very hard to find out why eCommerce companies fail in their first year (80%). Even though they have money, transactions, team why they end up after 2-4 years later shut down.

The Weird Company's mission is to provide the best solutions for the clients. For this reason, innovation is the main business model to solve the problem for eCommerce entrepreneurs. While searching for the failure reason, I met Zullily's story. on Failory.

Before this, our hypothesizes are below which supported hundreds of company experiences:

  1. Definition of priorities
  2. Definition of quarterly goals
  3. Focusing on paid marketing without holistic approaches (growth hacking tactics, SEO, integration of offline-online channels)
  4. Team structure
  5. Marketing knowledge
  6. Lack of information about the market and competitors
  7. The early or late funding
  8. Don't use technology for marketing
  9. Unclear future roadmap
  10. Customer journey > everything else
  11. There is a difference between the market fit and scaling the business. Every stage needs a different approach


Thousands of employees, $194.6M funding, 7 figures transactions. End of the story: 


If you have eCommerce startup and nor getting enough traffic we would love to help.

Duygu Ozen