Subscription Based Marketing Services Agency vs Traditional Agency

"The design of the subscription-based model is such that you don’t just work together on one project and each of your moves on. It requires that both of you understand that you’re in it for the long haul. Meaning, as the service provider, building a relationship with the client is paramount."


I was sitting in our first office November, 2018 in Soho New York. The company web site wasn't ready, and I decided to create a different business model. I jot down which problems need to solve for an agency and their clients. I was lucky to know both sides problems, and as an entrepreneur, I could see the solution. 

The solution was a "subscription-based pricing model." 

(Yes, firstly I rent the office, and then I decided what I would do. :) ) 

During my entrepreneurship journey, I had obstacles to find quality services. Because I had a limited budget. As a solution, most of the time, I gained that skills whatever I need. But today, it appeared as a mission for The Weird Company as well.

We are on a mission to help Internet entrepreneurs by providing them high-quality digital agency services for reasonable and affordable prices. Our business model works perfectly for both sides. 

Subscription-Based Marketing Services vs Classic Agency Services

Subscription-Based Agency Classic Agency (Long Term Contract or Hour Based Pricing)
Monthly Payment/Cancel Anytime Minimum 6 months Contract
Focus on monthly goals Their performance increase according to monthly billing dates or renew contract time
Focus on the client business needs Focus on what they put on the contract
Access the skills of an experienced marketer, developer, content writer without the cost of a full-time employee Project-based team structure
Value-based pricing (Instead of calculating solely on hours spent, we use factors like how much additional profit you will make because of our work. Instead of calculating solely on hours spent, we use factors like how much additional profit they will make because of your work.) Hourly Based Pricing - Invoice