Ready, Set, Growth! Why you should consider organic growth more than inorganic growth?

SEO is the single most effective organic growth marketing strategy.

Some business owners don't want to spend time and money for their SEO because of timing and requirements of content creation. It is a long term game but after reaching out impressions on Google, it is worth to invest to SEO more than paid marketing. 

What will happen if you stop search engine optimization on your web site? 

  • You will spend more money for inorganic traffic
  • Duplicate Content — If Google finds a page of your site with an 85% match in content to another page, it considers it duplicate content. When Google finds duplicate content, it typically starts to only show one of the pages in the search results, which hurts you in the long run.
  • Sitemap Coverage Issues — Sitemaps are a list of your site’s pages and how they are organized. When there are sitemap issues, it means that Google will have a harder time understanding your site content, making it less likely to give it to users in the search results.
  • Losing rankings for target keywords
  • De-incentivizing people from visiting your website directly or through branded search terms
  • Decreasing your opportunity to score quality links back to your site
  • Missing out on new audiences, which also harms any retargeting campaigns you may be running

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