How SEO Works 2020

Search Engine Optimization is a journey and it starts with strategy and moving on with correct execution. It is part of the overall marketing tactic, which means you should know all other marketing activities. 

The following provides an outline and explanation of the basic components and strategies essential for successful SEO. From the outset, you must understand that SEO is constantly changing and evolving, just as search engines keep changing their algorithms, making them smarter and faster. One needs to understand how SEO worked in the past and how it’s working now, to determine how it would work in the future.

How SEO Works

These resources will help you understand how search engines work.


How to Track and Improve Your Rankings Without Spending Money by Neil Patel 

The Beginner's Guide to SEO

The Beginner's Guide to SEO by

Search Engine Land’s Guide To SEO by 

SEO basics by 

Site Architecture


Technical SEO

On-Page (Optimizations On Your Site)

Off-Page Factors (Link Building)

 Monitoring Your Success Through Analytics

How to Avoid Google Penalties

Source: 97thfloor