How eCommerce Companies can be Successful 2020

Let's talk about a little bit of "success" for eCommerce companies. 

We created five dimensions and called it "Break the Surprise Egg". 

Everybody talks about eCommerce successful but nobody says exactly what you need after launching your web site as a business side. 

1st: Team

Yes, the team is key! You don't have to know everything about eCommerce business but hire your agency or team with below skills: 

- There are generalists and specialists. Don't forget!  Focus on generalists. They will tell you exactly what you need for your overall business. They have a vision for the aspect of all eCommerce business. If you work with any entrepreneur, you are lucky! Because they will wear your hat so many times. 

2nd: Strategy 

- The first thing is first!  Market entry strategy will provide you goals, and optimizations for your next steps. This is question is critical: "How much do you spend for your first 6 months marketing? and what is successful?" After six months later, if you don't reach your goals you need to check everything! Product to pricing strategy or team to content strategy!

3rd: Funnels 

- We talk about it so much! What are your sales or traffic funnels? Why?  

The funnels are great! Sexy! and MUST! The two types of funnels are important. 

Google Analytics, and other platforms. 

4rd: Content

- Be social as a Founder of the company. It is the best way to present your brand and create your community first. Social media have so many opportunities for that.

5th: Online + Offline

- We are in 2020 and talk about overall marketing strategies. There is huge competition in outside. You have to create connections between offline and online marketing strategies.  


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