How COVID-19 Has Affected eCommerce and Digital Marketing

First and foremost, we hope everyone is safe and healthy out there with everything going on. We really appreciate having you in our community.

Some of our networks/clients posed questions about how COVID-19 has -- and has not—affected eCommerce/internet business in this unprecedented time. I thought it can be a good idea if I share it with you all.

I thought it can be a good idea if I share it with you all.

Ps: (If you are not our client, I would be happy to respond to all your questions as well. Please don’t hesitate to contact me).

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Source: Neil Patel

There are still many uncertainties regarding how fast and far COVID-19 will spread worldwide, and health officials in most countries without severe outbreaks are simply urging consumers to be cautious. 

We have taken the same approach in updating ad spending forecasts.  We can say how to act in this situation best we can for our clients and the community.

The first thing is we need to be more creative with all our marketing communications to increase traffic/revenue/signup and so on.  (KPIs can change according to environmental factors)  

Questions and Answers  

  • Should I stop my online advertisements?

 No. All brands should continue to run their online campaigns. Brand exposure is important. Please don’t forget. This situation is temporary. You don’t want to lose your position on Google or your keyword rankings. Otherwise, it will create more marketing costs soon.

  • Well… It is so sensitive time. How should I decide my communication tonality?

 It is a big question. Our suggestion is to use a brand awareness strategy instead of promotions.  

  • Content marketing?

 Please create content around your value proposition. If you write about Covid-19 or the situation, we highly recommend don’t use your product/services on your content. If you are not doing social responsibility campaigns, it is not good to relate to your brand or services any disasters, social issues.  

  • There is a supply chain issue. How can I act if I don’t have enough inventory?

 We recommend two different approaches:

  1. Pre-order: Inform your customer about the shipping process clearly.
  2. Signup box under your product page: Inform your customer after restocking your product.

If you have traffic we suggest converting that traffic as an email address if we can’t sell any item.

I will be happy to answer additional questions.