2022 Marketing Trends. Why you should make your marketing agency a subscription box!

It is almost the end of the year 2021. After the turmoil of 2020 and variant after variant in 2021, we finally made it to the end of the second year battling COVID-19 and gradually adapting to a new norm.

The Weird Company is happy to see everyone is happy and healthy, more importantly successful. The end of the year is a great time to look at trends we will most likely see in the year 2022 and forward also, why you need to make your marketing agency subscription based.

Nobody really knows what will happen long term, especially with the impact of COVID-19. But after some research, reading, and talking to industry professionals, these is the insights we offer, I hope you can take away some points because we serve success, and we want you to be successful.

Customer Service is the Golden Nugget, get them, keep them, make them happy.

Every year is the year of the customer. The official concept of marketing is constantly changing. It is no longer bringing customers from outside in. Retention is more important now than ever. The priority has moved from pre-sales towards after-sales customer relationship building. Eventually, you want your customer to keep coming back and advocate for you.

What is great customer service anyway? According to a study conducted by PWC. It seems like easy payment, convenience, efficiency has fell to the upper right corner of the axis. To sum it up, the overall experience with your brand is the most important. As a small business, optimizing your website becomes fundamental.


Source: https://www.pwc.com/us/en/advisory-services/publications/consumer-intelligence-series/pwc-consumer-intelligence-series-customer-experience.pdf

Strategic Marketing is Important, but how?

Everyone is talking about strategic marketing; everyone is trying to do strategic planning but how do we achieve that? That seems like a million-dollar question. Some companies are very keen to use the latest technology and latest technics, but is it necessary to throw all your budgets on to those or maybe something else? A-ha, you just answered the question yourself! For companies to succeed in 2021, they’ll have to think beyond what they’re doing and link everything back to the why of the business as a whole. Your marketing goals and objectives must align with the overall goals of your business.

Going through a strategic marketing transformation can help the company to improve customer service, personalize the customer experience, boost your awareness, and at the end increase sales as well as loyal customer and advocacy. At the end it all goes back to Marketing 101, which is the consumer pathway. That’s the core string that ties everything together. What tactic is needed in every stage of the consumer pathway and business life cycle. Therefore, it comes to another important point, which is integration.

2022 is calling, subscribe, ready, set, go!

Now it’s time to start planning for next year strategy if you haven’t done so. While marketing trends come and go. The two key components mentioned above will be the center of everything. An organization can have an amazing campaign tactics aligned ahead and use all then latest technics. Still, if it fails to deliver an outstanding customer experience and derailed from the organizational goal, such company will not be poised for success. That why integrated marketing is very important. Now subscription is the trend in different industries. Because it’s effective, integrated and has a high value. As a small business owner, consider subscribe your marketing needs. It can save a business a lot of human resource and money in the growing stage of the business.

The Weird Company is here to help you along the way. We assess your business in the initial consultation. Not only we plan your business marketing strategy for you with an integrated marketing plan, but also, we optimize your website to make it has the best user experience and, more importantly, SEO ever. Are you ready for 2022? Subscribe to our service and get ready to be successful! Happy holidays!

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